Register at FOWiz Cloud

Go to FOWiz Cloud and create an account. Choose a username and password, provide your email address and click on Register.

Activate your FOWiz Cloud account

Log into your email inbox and click on the link received from FOWiz Cloud to activate your account.

Download and Install FOWiz Android App

On your phone, go to Google Play and install FOWiz Android App or click here to download the app.

Register your device on FOWiz Cloud

Open FOWiz App and provide your username and password to register your device on FOWiz Cloud. You will get a message on successful registration.

Install FOWiz Chrome Extension(Optional)

Click here to install FOWiz Chrome Extension for desktop notifications.

What's next?

  • Import your contacts in FOWiz Cloud.
  • Log into FOWiz Cloud and view your call and message details real-time.
  • Create a missed-call campaign.
  • Create a SMS campaign.
  • Create a SMS auto-reply.
  • Schedule messages.
  • Integrate with your application
  • Familiarize with text messaging API

Questions? Feel free to contact us for any questions. We are here to help you!