FOWiz's Instant Notification Url(INU) allows your application to receive asynchronous event notifications from FOWiz such as a text message is received, or when a call is received.

When a text message or call is received, FOWiz makes a HTTP POST request to your INU, you can process the POST variables and saves the details to your database or invoke business functions.

Setting up Instant Notification Url

  1. Go to Settings and update your instant notification url.
  2. Save the settings by clicking the Submit button.

POST Parameters in Instant Notification Url

The following parameters will be provided in the POST request:

In case of an incoming call this will be the phone number of the caller. In case of an incoming message, this will be the phone number of the sender.
In case of an incoming message, this field will have the content of the message, otherwise null.
The time FOWiz received the message or call, as a Unix timestamp(UTC).

Note: More parameters will be added soon.

Instant Notification Url Sample - PHP

Save the below code as fowiz_inu.php and upload to your server. Say url for this file is, update this url in the Settings page in FOWiz. Whenever a call or message is received on your phone, FOWiz POSTs the details to this url. Below sample code sends an email whenever a notification is received from Fowiz Cloud. Make sure you change the email address before testing.

$to = 'your_email';
$subject = 'Notification from Fowiz';
$message = 'Phone number:'.$_POST["phone_number"].' '.$_POST["message"];
$headers = 'From: your_email';
mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);